Hiring A Virtual Assistant To Manage Your Personal Schedule

By now everyone has surely heard of virtual assistant services. Yet many people think that a virtual assistant is only valid in a business environment. In other words you have to be an entrepreneur or a small-business owner of some kind to take advantage of the type of service that these entities provide. But why should this be the case? Just consider how stressed out you may feel at the end of a typical day at home. That’s right, you may not have been focusing on work issues and the day-to-day grind associated with earning a penny or two. Yet even on your day off, or during the evening hours before you retire there is so much to do in your personal life.

You should start thinking about how a virtual assistant can be engaged to help you be more productive here. Just because you are not “on the clock” in some form it doesn’t mean that you can afford to be inefficient as you go about your daily chores. If you are you will invariably find that you have little or no time for pure relaxation, will find that the quality time you are supposed to be spending with your family is simply not happening.

Try a little exercise. Write down everything that you have done today so far. It’s worth just racking your brain for a few minutes to do this. Do you see how long this list is? Now imagine how somebody else – in this case the virtual assistant – could be engaged to help you complete so many of those tasks much more efficiently.


Any and all of these personal tasks can be accommodated by the virtual assistant and the beauty of such an arrangement is that as he or she gets to know you better this work can be completed even more efficiently and productively.

Looking ahead, the virtual assistant can help you to complete a personal schedule on a daily and weekly basis. Potential calls for your time can be routed through the VA so that there is no clash, double booking or other inconsistency. If you find that you’re constantly having to say no to other people because the schedule is “all over the place,” then you should delegate your time management needs, with direction from you of course. A lot of the stress and anxiety can then be removed from your daily life, allowing you to be that much more efficient all the way down the line.

Now would that improve things?